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Taxonomic remark
Listen in Erinaceomorpha, as per McKenna & Bell, 1997, although as Macroscelidea in The PaleoBiology Database (2019 version) following Hooker & Russell, 2012. However Springer et al., 2018 state: "Hooker and Russell (2012) suggested that Adunator is a stem macroscelidean, but their analysis did not include any other erinaceids (or other eulipotyphlans) and it is therefore difficult to argue in favor of macroscelidean affinities based on Hooker and Russell's (2012) results."
McKenna, M. C.; Bell, S. K. (1997). Classification of mammals above the species level. Columbia University Press, New York, 631 pp.  

Springer, M. S.; Murphy, W. J.; Roca, A. L. (2018). Appropriate fossil calibrations and tree constraints uphold the Mesozoic divergence of solenodons from other extant mammals. <em>Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.</em> 121: 158-165. 
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