Automatic source atomization

Sources may be completed and/or atomized automatically when using the DOI, ZooBank LSID or full citation field.

It uses the following services, in this order:

  1. If a DOI is pasted, the CrossRef service is called. If one single result is found, the 6 fields are completed automatically.

  2. If no result found in the previous service, or a ZooBank LSID, or a citation was pasted, the ReFindit service is called. If one single result (with a matching score of min. 99) was found, then the 6 fields are completed.

  3. If no result found in the previous services, the FreeCite service is called, to split/atomize the citation. ***This is a last resort, and may generate incorrect data in any of the 6 fields*** manual editing may be required.

In general: a manual check is always needed to verify the automatically parsed data.

A ZooBank LSID is available directly after publication in ZooTaxa, while a DOI takes usually a few days to be available in CrossRef.

Editing can be done in the 6 separate fields, or the pasted citation can be copied in full to the "source name" field, via the button 'Copy>name'.

When doing manual edits, make sure to click "Generate" to complete the source name field.