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IRMNG taxon details


1096  (

Linnaeus, 1758
Order Alienoptera †
Order Anoplura
Order Archaeognatha
Order Archaeorthoptera incertae sedis
Order Argentinoptera †
Order Blattodea
Order Blattoptera †
Order Caloneurida
Order Caloneurodea †
Order Cnemidolestodea †
Order Coleoptera
Order Coxoplectoptera †
Order Dermaptera
Order Diaphanopterodea †
Order Dicliptera †
Order Dicondylia incertae sedis
Order Dictyoptera incertae sedis
Order Diptera
Order Embiodea
Order Endopterygota incertae sedis
Order Eoblattida †
Order Ephemeroptera
Order Eugeroptera †
Order Geraroptera †
Order Geroptera †
Order Glosselytrodea †
Order Grylloblattodea
Order Hemiptera
Order Hymenoptera
Order Hypoperlida †
Order Insecta incertae sedis
Order Isoptera
Order Kukaloptera †
Order Lepidoptera
Order Lophioneurida †
Order Mallophaga
Order Mantodea
Order Mantophasmatodea
Order Mecoptera
Order Mecopterida incertae sedis
Order Megaloptera
Order Megasecoptera †
Order Miomoptera †
Order Neoptera incertae sedis
Order Neuroptera
Order Notoptera
Order Odonata
Order Odonatoptera incertae sedis
Order Orthoptera
Order Orthopterida incertae sedis
Order Palaeodictyoptera †
Order Palaeoptera incertae sedis
Order Panorthoptera incertae sedis
Order Paoliida †
Order Perielytrodea †
Order Permotrichoptera †
Order Phasmatodea
Order Phthiraptera
Order Plecoptera
Order Polyneoptera incertae sedis
Order Protelytroptera †
Order Protoblattoidea †
Order Protocoleoptera †
Order Protodonata †
Order Protoelytroptera †
Order Protohemiptera †
Order Protohymenoptera †
Order Protorthoptera †
Order Protozygoptera †
Order Psocoptera
Order Raphidioptera
Order Siphonaptera
Order Skleroptera †
Order Strepsiptera
Order Tarachoptera †
Order Thripida incertae sedis
Order Thysanoptera
Order Thysanura
Order Titanoptera †
Order Trichoptera
Order Zoraptera
Order Zygentoma

Order Archaeorthoptera (awaiting allocation) † (temporary name)
Order Dictyoptera (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Insecta (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Odonatoptera (awaiting allocation) † (temporary name)
Order Paraneoptera (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)

Order Diaphanopteroidea accepted as Diaphanopterodea †
Order Homoptera accepted as Hemiptera
Order Phasmida accepted as Phasmatodea
Order Phasmoptera accepted as Phasmatodea
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
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basis of record Parker, S.P. (ed). (1982). Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms. McGraw-Hill, New York. 2 volumes.  [details]