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1155  (

Order Altholepidiformes †
Order Batoidea incertae sedis †
Order Bradyodontiformes †
Order Carcharhiniformes
Order Chimaeriformes
Order Chondrenchelyiformes †
Order Chondrichthyes incertae sedis
Order Cladoselachiformes †
Order Coronodontiformes †
Order Ctenacanthiformes †
Order Desmiodontiformes †
Order Edestiformes †
Order Elasmobranchii incertae sedis
Order Elegestolepidida †
Order Eugeneodontiformes †
Order Euselachii incertae sedis
Order Galeomorpha
Order Helodontiformes †
Order Heterodontiformes
Order Hexanchiformes
Order Holocephaliformes
Order Hybodontiformes †
Order Iniopterygiformes †
Order Lamniformes
Order Lugalepidida †
Order Mongolepidida †
Order Myliobatiformes
Order Neoselachii incertae sedis
Order Omalodontiformes †
Order Orectolobiformes
Order Orodontiformes †
Order Petalodontiformes †
Order Phoebodontiformes †
Order Polysentoriformes †
Order Pristiformes
Order Pristiophoriformes
Order Protacrodontiformes †
Order Psammodontiformes †
Order Rajiformes
Order Rhinobatiformes
Order Rhinopristiformes
Order Sclerorhynchiformes †
Order Selachimorpha incertae sedis
Order Squalea incertae sedis
Order Squaliformes
Order Squatinactiformes
Order Squatiniformes
Order Symmoriiformes †
Order Synechodontiformes †
Order Torpediniformes
Order Xenacanthiformes †

Order Chondrichthyes (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Elasmobranchii (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Elasmobranchiomorphi (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Galeomorphii (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Holocephalii (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Iniopterygia (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
Order Squalomorphii (awaiting allocation) (temporary name)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
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2010-05-31 22:00:00Z
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