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IRMNG source details

Museum Victoria KEmu database (Oct 2006)
2011-10-06 22:00:00Z

Aaata de Laubenfels, 1930 accepted as Clathria Schmidt, 1862 (basis of record)
Aalolana accepted as Aatolana Bruce, 1993 (basis of record)
Aalolana rapax Bruce, 1993 (basis of record)
Aaptolasma nolearia Foster, 1978 (basis of record)
Aatolana springthorpei Keable, 1998 (basis of record)
Abacetus Dejean, 1828 (basis of record)
Abacetus ater Macleay, 1871 (basis of record)
Abacetus haemorrhous Chaudoir, 1878 (basis of record)
Abacetus thouzeti (Castelnau, 1867) (basis of record)
Abaciidae † accepted as Arbaciidae Gray, 1855 (basis of record)
Abadiella bourgini Hupe, 1953 † (basis of record)
Abadiella huoi Zhang, 1966 † (basis of record)
Abadiella meteora Hupe, 1953 † (basis of record)
Abakolia pauca Bognibova † (basis of record)
Abarenicola affinis (Ashworth, 1902) (basis of record)
Abarenicola assimilis (Ehlers, 1897) (basis of record)
Abarenicola clarki Wells, 1963 (basis of record)
Abarenicola devia Wells, 1963 (basis of record)
Abarenicola haswelli Wells, 1963 (basis of record)
Abila Gray, 1867 accepted as Raspailia Nardo, 1833 (basis of record)
Abilana Strand, 1928 † (basis of record)
Ablabus Broun, 1880 (basis of record)
Ablabus bicolor Slipinski (basis of record)
Ablabus brindabellae Slipinski (basis of record)
Ablabus queenslandicus Slipinski (basis of record)
Ablabus setosus Slipinski (basis of record)
Abra angulosa Renieri (basis of record)
Abra bosqueti Semper (basis of record)
Abra deshayesi (basis of record)
Abra donaciformis Nyst (basis of record)
Abra elegans Deshayes (basis of record)
Abra exigua (H. Adams, 1862) (basis of record)
Abra infans (E.A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Abra pusilla Deshayes (basis of record)
Abra regularis (E.A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Abra sibogai Prashad, 1932 (basis of record)
Abra splendens (J de C. Sowerby, 1837) (basis of record)
Abra tellinoides (basis of record)
Abra truncata Hedley, 1906 (basis of record)
Abralia astrostricta Berry, 1909 accepted as Abralia astrosticta Berry, 1909 (basis of record)
Abralia seidleckyi Lipinsky, 1983 accepted as Abralia siedleckyi Lipinski, 1983 (basis of record)
Abranda Iredale, 1924 (basis of record)
Abranda modestina (Tate, 1891) (basis of record)
Abranda myaeformis (Sowerby, 1868) (basis of record)
Abrocoma bennetti (basis of record)
Abrocoma cvaccarum (basis of record)
Abrocoma oblativa (basis of record)
Abrothrix hershkovitzi (basis of record)
Abrothrix illuteus (basis of record)
Abrothrix lanosus (basis of record)
Abrothrix llanoi (basis of record)
Abrothrix longipilis (basis of record)
Abrothrix mansoensis (basis of record)
Abrothrix sanborni (basis of record)
Abrothrix xanthorhinus (basis of record)
Abudefduf semifasciatus (basis of record)
Abyssorchomene De Broyer, 1984 (basis of record)
Abyssorchomene distinctus (Birstein & Vinogradov, 1960) (basis of record)
Acachmena euthystica Turner (basis of record)
Acacia sozkiana (basis of record)
Acacicis Lea, 1910 (basis of record)
Acacicis abundans Lea (basis of record)
Acadoparadoxides sacheri † (basis of record)
Acaenosquilla brazieri (Miers, 1880) (basis of record)
Acalia Gray, 1840 (basis of record)
Acalia Gray, 1840 (current name source)
Acamarchis Lamouroux, 1816 accepted as Bugula Oken, 1815 (basis of record)
Acamarchis bertholletii Audouin, 1826 (basis of record)
Acamarchis dentata Lamouroux, 1816 (basis of record)
Acamarchis flabellata Gray, 1848 (basis of record)
Acamas Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 accepted as Mycale Gray, 1867 (basis of record)
Acamasina de Laubenfels, 1936 accepted as Mycale Gray, 1867 (basis of record)
Acanthacaris opipara Burukovsky & Musij, 1976 accepted as Acanthacaris tenuimana Bate, 1888 (basis of record)
Acanthacarnus Lévi, 1952 accepted as Acarnus Gray, 1867 (basis of record)
Acanthagenys rufogularis Gould, 1838 (basis of record)
Acantharachna Smith, 1877 (basis of record)
Acantharachna Smith, 1877 (current name source)
Acanthella Allman, 1883 accepted as Plumularia Lamarck, 1816 (basis of record)
Acanthella effusa Allman, 1883 (basis of record)
Acanthellina Carter, 1885 accepted as Rhaphoxya Hallmann, 1917 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra angusta Spence Bate, 1888 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra anomala Boone, 1927 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra antarctica Bage, 1938 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra batei Faxon, 1895 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra brachytelsonis Spence Bate, 1888 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra debilis A. Milne-Edwards, 1881 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra edwardsii Spence Bate, 1888 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra kempii Balss, 1914 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra pellucida Filhol, 1884 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra pulchra A. Milne-Edwards, 1890 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra rostrata (Spence Bate, 1888) (basis of record)
Acanthephyra sanguinea Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock, 1892 (basis of record)
Acanthephyra sica Spence Bate, 1888 (basis of record)
Acanthephyropsis Riggio, 1895 [in Riggio, 1895-1896] accepted as Acanthephyra A. Milne-Edwards, 1881 (basis of record)
Acantheus † (basis of record)
Acantheus patens Lazarenko, 1965 † (basis of record)
Acanthias geelongensis Chapman & Pritchard (basis of record)
Acanthina angelica Oldroyd, 1918 (basis of record)
Acanthina brevidentata (Wood, 1828) (basis of record)
Acanthina monodon (Pallas, 1774) (basis of record)

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