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Bock, P. (2000-current). The Bryozoa Home Page. Available online at (consulted Dec 2006).
Bock, P.
The Bryozoa Home Page. Available online at (consulted Dec 2006)
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Acanthoceramoporellidae † (basis of record)
Acanthoceramoporellidae † (extant flag source)
Actinoporidae Vigneaux, 1949 † (basis of record)
Actisecidae Harmer, 1957 (current name source)
Adeonidae Jullien, 1903 (current name source)
Admiratellidae Morozova, 1992 † (basis of record)
Admiratellidae Morozova, 1992 † (extant flag source)
Aeteidae Smitt, 1867 (current name source)
Aethozoontidae d'Hondt, 1983 accepted as Aethozoidae d'Hondt, 1983 (basis of record)
Aeverrilliidae Jebram, 1973 (basis of record)
Aisenvergiidae Dunaeva, 1964 † (basis of record)
Alcyonidiidae Hinck, 1880 (current name source)
Alysidiidae Levinsen, 1909 (current name source)
Amplexoporidae Miller, 1889 † (basis of record)
Anisotrypidae Dunaeva & Morozova, 1967 † (basis of record)
Annectocymidae Hayward & Ryland, 1985 (basis of record)
Antroporidae Vigneaux, 1949 (basis of record)
Arachnidiidae Hincks, 1880 (current name source)
Arachnopusiidae Jullien, 1888 (current name source)
Araxoporidae Morozova, 1970 † (basis of record)
Arthrostylidae Ulrich, 1888 † (basis of record)
Ascosiidae Jullien, 1883 (basis of record)
Aspidostomatidae Jullien, 1888 (current name source)
Astralochomidae Ross, 1988 † (basis of record)
Bathyalozoontidae d'Hondt, 1975 (basis of record)
Batoporidae Neviani, 1901 (basis of record)
Batostomellidae † (basis of record)
Batostomellidae † (extant flag source)
Beaniidae Canu & Bassler, 1927 (current name source)
Benedeniporidae Delage & herouard, 1897 (extant flag source)
Bereniceidae Buge, 1957 (basis of record)
Bicellariellidae Levinsen, 1909 accepted as Bugulidae Gray, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Bicellariidae accepted as Bugulidae Gray, 1848 (source of synonymy)
Bifaxariidae Busk, 1884 (current name source)
Bimicroporella Canu, 1904 † (extant flag source)
Bitectiporidae MacGillivray, 1895 (current name source)
Bryobaculidae † (basis of record)
Bryobaculidae † (extant flag source)
Bryocryptellidae Vigneaux, 1949 (basis of record)
Bryopastoridae d'Hondt & Gordon, 1999 (basis of record)
Buffonellodidae Gordon & d'Hondt, 1997 (basis of record)
Bugulidae Gray, 1848 (extant flag source)
Buskiidae Hincks, 1880 (current name source)
Calescharidae Cook & Bock, 2001 (basis of record)
Calloporidae Norman, 1903 (current name source)
Calvetiidae Borg, 1944 (extant flag source)
Calwelliidae MacGillivray, 1887 (extant flag source)
Canaliporidae † (basis of record)
Canaliporidae † (extant flag source)
Candidae d'Orbigny, 1851 (basis of record)
Canuellidae accepted as Cerioporidae Busk, 1859 (source of synonymy)
Carnocladiidae † (extant flag source)
Carnocladiidae † (basis of record)
Catenicellidae Busk, 1852 (current name source)
Cavidae d'Orbigny, 1854 † (current name source)
Cellariidae Hincks, 1880 (current name source)
Celleporidae Busk, 1852 (current name source)
Cerioporidae Busk, 1859 (current name source)
Chaperiidae Jullien, 1888 (current name source)
Cheilhorneropsidae Annoscia, Braga & Finotti, 1984 † (basis of record)
Cheiloporinidae Bassler, 1936 (current name source)
Cheilostomatida (awaiting allocation) (basis of record)
Cheilostomatida (awaiting allocation) (extant flag source)
Cheilostomatida incertae sedis (current name source)
Chlidoniidae Busk, 1884 (current name source)
Chlidoniopsidae Harmer, 1957 (extant flag source)
Chorizoporidae Vigneaux, 1949 (current name source)
Cinctiporidae Boardman, McKinney & Taylor, 1992 (current name source)
Clausidae † (basis of record)
Clausidae † (extant flag source)
Clavoporidae Osburn & Soule, 1953 (extant flag source)
Cleidochasmatidae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964 (extant flag source)
Colatooeciidae Winston, 2005 (basis of record)
Concatenellidae † (extant flag source)
Concatenellidae † (basis of record)
Conescharellinidae Levinsen, 1909 (current name source)
Constellariidae Ulrich, 1896 † (current name source)
Corymboporidae Smitt, 1866 (current name source)
Corynostylidae † (basis of record)
Corynostylidae † (extant flag source)
Crepidacanthidae Levinsen, 1909 (current name source)
Crisiidae Johnston, 1847 (current name source)
Crisinidae d'Orbigny, 1853 (current name source)
Cristatellidae Allman, 1856 (current name source)
Crisuliporidae Buge, 1979 (current name source)
Cryptosulidae Vigneaux, 1949 (current name source)
Ctenostomatida (awaiting allocation) (basis of record)
Cupuladriidae Lagaaij, 1952 (current name source)
Cyclicoporidae Hincks, 1884 (current name source)
Cycloporidae † (extant flag source)
Cycloporidae † (basis of record)
Cyclostomatida (awaiting allocation) (basis of record)
Cytididae d'Orbigny, 1854 (current name source)
Densiporidae Borg, 1944 (basis of record)
Desmacystidae (basis of record)
Desmacystidae (extant flag source)
Dhondtiscidae Gordon, 1989 (basis of record)
Diaperoeciidae Canu, 1918 (extant flag source)
Diastoporidae Gregory, 1899 (extant flag source)
Didymosellidae Brown, 1952 (current name source)

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